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I’m just a linux fan boy geek (GNU/Linux, *BSD, Android and Free Software etc…). Also, completely development addict (Clojure, Haskell, Java, C, PHP, *sh, Perl, Python, etc…)

I’m trying to share the little computer knowledge I have with the rest of the world.

Why? Because I have this completely amazingly and utterly utopist dream of free knowledge (as in free beer).

Trying to share when i’m not too busy playing with my kids or coding to solve some problems (Project Euler, 4clojure.com) or playing guitar (then again trying) or losing my precious time in some bull… means of transportation.

Anyway, here is my rapid resume.

Rapid resume

Once upon a time, i was a student

Master’s degree in Networks and systems at the Denis Diderot College Paris VII.

Then i started working

Software engineer for 4 years at Sopra Group. Some technologies i came across : JEE4/5, PHP4/5, Oracle, Hibernate, Spring, Ant, Maven, etc…


I’m still a software engineer but i like to call it simply developer as i really really enjoy coding. I’m working with Sfeir. The technologies are innovative : GWT, Android, NoSQL, etc…

Where can you found me if you ever were interested